Think from your Heart

I’ve been dormant for a month now…recovering from the negativity that I’ve been sucked into…It’s swirling all around us…anywhere from dramatic  holiday get-togethers, anxiety of new year resolutions, over-time at work, to the media frenzy that has us judging and condemning our friends, family, and neighbors over political issues.  I finally had to stop and center myself… redefine what is important to me and my happiness.

I needed to really think about and align my life with the issues that are very important to me…and then go out into the world and make a difference in those areas.  I suggest that we all purge our pallets and rediscover the issues that are important to ourselves…and leave the rest, without comment, for the people who have a passion for those issues.  I have realized that if I don’t have a passion for an issue…then I should just keep my mouth shut…because, if I don’t have the passion, then I probably don’t know enough to be judging it.  If I do have the passion, then I should find an outlet for my agenda, and get out in the community and volunteer my time to the cause.  There is nothing more rewarding than having the first hand knowledge and experience of serving your passion and community with a cause that you deem to be worth your time, energy, and ideas.

I have realized that the media (including Facebook, Twitter, ETC…) has made it so easy for people to accept blindly and judge without knowing the real facts and stories behind the articles and memes.  The media is playing on fears and doubts about our future…causing a blinded public to riot and scream about events that have not and may not even happen.  As responsible adults, citizens, and custodians of this planet…It is in our best interest to work together by having tolerance for differing opinions and allowing them to pass through our lives without our judgments.

This past month has made me realize that non-judgment is one of the keys to my happiness…non-judgment in all areas of my life including family, work, friends, and world issues.  It has helped me seek a true trust in the process of life and the future.  Putting my trust in “the powers that be” has freed me from the shackles of nagging “what if” thoughts, “who do they think they are” feelings, and “I’ll show you” actions.

And as I have just read this to my teen-aged son…his thought to me is, “That’s pretty deep Mom, you really think from your heart.”

My son gets it…and I hope that you do too.  Let’s all think from our hearts and make this world a better place safe from negativity and judgments.  Start with your own life…your circle of family and friends.  Spread it out into your small community…act with love and think from your heart.