Love is so much more than a romantic partner…

It’s appreciation

It’s gratitude

It’s acceptance

It’s being of service…even in the smallest of ways

It’s giving…AND receiving

It’s a smile, a nod of understanding, and a tip of the hat…

It’s honest communication

It’s in each laugh and in each tear

Love is as vital as the air we breathe

You will find love in every moment, if you choose to look for the positive and let go of the hurt.  It’s all in your perspective…One day’s disaster can be the next day’s lesson that lifts your soul up to see the joy in everyday miracles.

You can spread your love through your smile to a stranger, a kind word to an acquaintance, and a hug to a friend.  No gesture of love is ever too small, and you will always be rewarded ten-fold.

Every moment is bringing you love…you just have to be open to seeing the possibilities.