Happiness is a state of mind

I realize that my state of mind, my mood, my happiness…is all up to me.  I need to make a conscious decision to breathe through the frustrations and find something to be happy about.  Happiness should be our goal in everything that we do.  I understand that sometimes it’s awfully difficult to find that place of peace…and it those moment, I want to invite you to just reach for a little bit of contentment…just the next step up the emotional ladder.  When we realize that life is getting us down, We should all be able to stop and breathe and find that next step higher.

With this in mind…I invite you all to start a daily happiness journal.  At the end of each day, write down at least one thing that made you smile, or created some happiness, or just brought you some contentment…something that you thought was the brightest part of your day.  It can be as simple as getting to work on time, having your dog greet you at the door, or seeing a baby smile.

My theory is that if we start to focus on something good in each day, then the next day will bring us even more things to smile at.  And I’m hoping that before we know it, good feelings will be the norm in the everyday existence of our lives.  Let’s take back our control of our own feelings…

I’m starting 2/12/2016…I hope that you join me.