Finding The Love…For Yourself

There are many people out there who have the love of another…yet they are still unhappy.  I could never understand this…people who are so loved and so blessed, yet they are so miserable in their own skin.  Truth be told, I became one of these people.  I had family and friends who loved me, I had a wonderful home, and a job that I loved…I had so much to be thankful for… Yet I would find myself hating to look in the mirror.  I would find fault with my hair, my body, my clothing, etc…  But these are things that I could change if I just cared enough about myself to take that first step.  And that first step is hard for people who have been trained (by society) to always be giving, to always be working, and to stay humble by shunning all compliments, and to accept the worst in ourselves…to even believe the harsh things others may say about us so that we will strive to “better ourselves”.  Those things sound harmless…they sound like a way of raising a responsible citizen…Yet when taken to heart, it creates a person who never thinks of them self.  In fact, a person who thinks so little of them self that they can’t find any love there.  And ultimately, if you can’t love yourself…you will never have the love to give to the world around you.  You will remain miserable, and it will catch up to you.  If you don’t take care of yourself, you will start to look miserable, you will start to feel miserable, and you will start to act miserable…Time will catch up to you.

When you truly love who you are…every part of who you are…then you will be happy.  You will look happy, you will feel happy, and you will act happy.  You will spread that happiness automatically to the people around you.  It starts with the basics…Take pride in who you are and how you look in this very moment.  Accept and love your crooked nose, your skinny legs, and your curly hair.  It’s really not about the shape of your body…but how you care enough to present it to the world.  Take a few minutes out of your morning to groom yourself…wash your face, style your hair, apply some lotion.  Buy the clothing that fits and flatters the shape of your unique body.  Wear the shoes that compliment your outfit yet still gives you support for the day.  Wear a pair of modern glasses instead of the ones you bought 20 years ago.  Or it may come down to just wearing a coat to keep your body warm.  Love and respect the body you have.

Not loving who you are will only lead you to depression and anxiety…which leads you to zero energy, zero motivation, and zero will to help yourself.  You have to take the time to love who you are…the way that you look…right now in this very moment, and then you can start to make the small changes to better yourself.  Take the time to wear the shoes that make your feet feel good, or to curl your hair so it shows off your sparkling eyes, or to buy the outfit that accents the curves and angels of your body, or to put on the sunscreen to protect your skin…Take the time to care about how you present yourself so that you can feel good about you.  Once you start to present yourself as the beautiful unique person that you are…then that happiness will start to spread to other areas in your life.  It will affect eating the foods that properly feed your body, keeping your space free of clutter so that you don’t feel bogged down, and making meaningful connections with other people.

Each of us is unique.  We each have beauty that shines through our physical forms.  All you need to do is find the love to accept yourself exactly as you are…and to embrace it enough to show it off to the world.  Remember it doesn’t matter the physical form you have…it’s about caring enough to accent it in a way that flatters it.  I can’t be you, and you can’t be me…but we can both be fabulous.  And that is worth love.