Take Charge of Your Future

I have now spent quite a few years reading the teachings and gathering the knowledge from several authors such as Cheryl Richardson, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Eckhart Tolle, and The Teachings of Abraham by Esther and Jerry Hicks…Just to name a few.  And they all point to the same message…WE ARE TOTALLY IN CONTROL OF OUR OWN LIFE EXPERIENCES!!!  The thoughts and energy that we put out into the world are the very things that create our experiences.  What we think about the most…What we give our energy to…good or bad…That is what is created for us.  So if you think about not ever having enough money, then you are always going to have not enough money.  If you think about not ever finding true love, then you are going to experience not ever finding true love.  If you are always thinking and talking about how miserable your life is, then you are going to be given a miserable life.  But if you think about how much love you have in your life, then love is going to come your way.  If you are thankful for being able to pay your bills, then money will continue to come to you.  If you enjoy life, then it will continue to bring happiness into your life.  It’s called the law of attraction…your thoughts, words, and actions are energy… and what energy you put out into the world actually creates your experiences.  If you can take the time to find a little happiness in each day, then you will start to see more happiness come to you.  The more grateful you are will bring more things to be grateful for. 

Once you understand that you are creating your own reality, now you can intentionally set forth positive thoughts and words to bring more good stuff into your life.  You will become an active participant in creating your experiences.  Discover what it is that you really want.  When you know exactly what you want, now you can take positive steps towards achieving that goal.  Find something to be happy about, be grateful for the smallest steps of growth, and allow the positive changes to bring you your dreams… But you must be willing to be thankful for it all.  You must look into the hard times and see the lessons.  You must be willing to evaluate, forgive, and grow in the knowing that every event (good, bad, or ugly) is helping you to get a step closer to what you really want.  Losing your job gives you the opportunity to pursue your passion and find a job that makes you happy.  Getting a divorce allows you to get to know who you really are and find someone with those same values.  Being forced to move residency allows you to find the home of your dreams.  Being forced to stop settling is the opportunity to find your bliss.  You must be open to the changes and trust that they are helping you fulfill your dreams.  Find the courage to say “yes”  to opportunities.

Learn who you are and what you want out of life.  Life should be happy…you can get everything you want, but you first have to know what it is that you want.  So listen to your heart and find out what you want.  Let go of the past…forgive and be okay with it.  The past is just a tool to let you know what you don’t want, so that you can now concentrate on what you do want.  You must open your heart to the new possibilities and be grateful for everything that flows to you.  Take care of what you have and make space for what you want…you will never get what you truly want by holding onto what you are just settling for.  Take steps towards your happy future, be grateful for and learn from everything that happens, and trust that you will get what you want because you now understand that you are the one who creates your own future.


Let happiness find you

The youth of today give me such inspiration…

My My oldest is off in college…It is a challenge and he encounters many obstacles.  He is faced with questions about his future as well as pushes and pulls from a few adults in his life… relatives, teachers, and friends that aren’t cued into his what will make him happy.  He worries just like every other young adult when faced with growing up and moving on.

I asked him about his hopes, worries, and relationships… His words to me were, “I’m just living my life the best I can and letting it all come to me.”  To that I say…YYYEEESSS!!!  I’m going to add to that statement that we should all practice our passion, find the positive in each moment, and strive for the peace that comes in the knowing that life will bring us exactly what we need to live in happiness… We just have to look for it and tune into it.

It’s the positive outlook in life that will bring you all that you want.  The ability to find the silver lining will help you to evolve and reach for the next adventure.  There is more than enough of everything in this world…You just have to open your eyes and see it,  open your heart and feel it, open your soul and remember it.  This is your journey, make it what you want it to be.  Don’t worry about anyone else’s journey, we all have different agendas.  Strive to get the most happiness out of this adventure that you are on.  And remember,  scarcity and loss are an illusion brought on by fear.  Be thankful for the little things and they will grow with the positive energy of your gratitude.

Slow down and enjoy the ride.  Get to know yourself… who you really are, what you really want out of life, and how you feel about it all.  I see so many people that are miserable from dawn to dusk.  Their mood plummets with  every negative thing that they search for.  They hate their job, or relationship, or body, this movie, or that driver, etc… They can always find a reason to be mad.

WHY??? This is madness at the core…Instead of spending your energy looking for the bad, try spending less energy and find something good.  And if you can’t find the good, then leave the situation and find something more pleasing… Just because you are afraid to be alone doesn’t mean you should stay in that relationship, just because you are afraid to not have money doesn’t mean you should stay at that job, just because your afraid to be away from your family doesn’t mean you shouldn’t move out on your own… Just because you are afraid doesn’t mean that you don’t have a choice!!!  You are missing out on the next fun adventure because you are afraid to let go of what is making you miserable.

Say yes to yourself, to happiness, and to life…Enjoy what life brings you and move onto the next adventure with happiness at your core.

You are good enough

There is enough to go around

There is always something to be grateful for

I promise you… your life will only get better when you get rid of fear and anxiety and look for the happiness that is waiting for you in each moment of every day.  You have the power to change your mood and change your life.  So let the happiness come.