Nature doesn’t know the word Can’t

I was having a great evening with a friend, and we started talking about what we wanted in the future in our job fields… and she was excited to tell me what experiences she wanted, and followed it up with…”but I know it probably won’t happen because I am the wrong body type” .  I started thinking about that statement…just those simple words are now defining the outcome of her future!!!

Do you think Mother Nature cares that it is February in the middle of winter…No, she gave us a week of pure sun and temperatures in the 60’s

Do you think this tree worried that it wasn’t growing with the rest of the trees, and that it shouldn’t be on the top of this rock…

 No, It’s goal was life…and it made it happen

Do you think squirrels ask…Am I too pudgy to sit on this branch

 or, that they get defeated when they try to get to the food but we make devices to try to stop them

 No…The goal is food and they try and try and try until they reach their meal 

And do you think this cute fluff ball cared that I was typing a blog post…No, his goal was affection and he jumped on the keyboard and rolled around on my lap and got the love that he craved

My point is that we humans are the only creatures in nature that overthink our situations, create self doubt, and sabotage our futures!!!  We need to take our cue from the perfectly running system all around us… Love who we are, accept everything about ourselves as true and good, and retain the confidence to pursue our goals and find satisfaction in the present moment.

You already ARE everything that you need…You already HAVE everything that you have been praying for…You just have to find the courage to embrace it, have the confidence to “go for it” ,  apply the trust to know that is coming to you…and have the desire to continue after any and all failed attempts.  You are like the tree growing strong on the rocky shore…you are like the squirrel finding a way to reach his food around all the blocks put in his way…you are like the pet reminding me to embrace the moment and enjoy the love that is given to me at all times… You are perfect just as you are, and you can reach any goal that you truly want …you just have to remember that you are part of the perfectly running system of nature…A place where acceptance flows freely


Love is so much more than a romantic partner…

It’s appreciation

It’s gratitude

It’s acceptance

It’s being of service…even in the smallest of ways

It’s giving…AND receiving

It’s a smile, a nod of understanding, and a tip of the hat…

It’s honest communication

It’s in each laugh and in each tear

Love is as vital as the air we breathe

You will find love in every moment, if you choose to look for the positive and let go of the hurt.  It’s all in your perspective…One day’s disaster can be the next day’s lesson that lifts your soul up to see the joy in everyday miracles.

You can spread your love through your smile to a stranger, a kind word to an acquaintance, and a hug to a friend.  No gesture of love is ever too small, and you will always be rewarded ten-fold.

Every moment is bringing you love…you just have to be open to seeing the possibilities.