Your passion is your purpose

Everyone has a purpose in this life…

And I can tell you that it is NOT to find the perfect relationship!!!  The perfect relationship will come to you once you are actually working in your purpose…The perfect will relationship will enhance your purpose…

Yes, we have many relationships…and yes, they are needed because they teach us valuable lessons about ourselves and what we truly want out of life… But stop trying to make the relationship the most important thing in your life.

You will not have to sacrifice for the perfect relationship.  It should not be a weekly struggle…and you should not be shedding tears time and time again over the same topics.  The perfect relationship is a conversation, not an argument.  It is honesty, and compromise, and acceptance that leads to understanding and security…  It is trust and faith and surrender.

Your happiness is the most important thing in your life…and you will only find it by being true to yourself and working in your purpose.  Find your passion and you will find your purpose.  Discover what you love to do, what makes time fly, what you would choose to do when given any opportunity…And that is your passion.

What did you spend hours doing as a child?  What do you dream of doing as an adult?  Where do your thoughts go when they are left to wander?  What are you good at…and would like to learn more?

Your passion is your purpose…It will bring you happiness, it will bring you security, and it will bring everything together in the perfect way…And YES, it will bring you the perfect relationship.


Betrayal … It’s just a feeling

Betrayal is something that happens – that you feel when you have expectations of people, and those people do their own thing…but you don’t accept them for exactly who they are because they didn’t do what you wanted, or needed, or expected them to do.  They didn’t rise to your standards…you judged them and deemed them someone that couldn’t be trusted because you felt that they hurt you on purpose…

You feel betrayed when you take another person’s actions as a personal act done against you… But in reality, these people are just being true to themselves – They are trying to find out who they are, what they need, and how to get to their goals in life.  They are on their own personal journey of growth and accomplishments that you know nothing about.  They have the right to choose their own actions…Just as you have the right to choose your own reactions.  So please react in a way that is a positive reflection of the person that you are…react with understanding and acceptance.

Sometimes the actions are so close to your heart that you get swept away in your own feelings… Let the hurt come, feel it and accept it, then move forward towards your own goals and dreams.  Don’t let yourself get embedded in the bitter world of betrayal.  Nobody “did” anything to you…you chose to react with offense, you chose to allow the bitterness to wash over you, you chose to wallow in self pity…they did an action, and you chose a certain reaction.

Betrayal is just another form of getting offended…So just STOP!  Stop getting offended when people are just being themselves, stop feeling betrayed because someone didn’t consider your feelings before they did something, and stop worrying about the journey of anyone else other than yourself.  Do yourself a favor… FORGIVE!  Forgive everyone that you have ever felt hurt you, forgive everyone that you thought was out to ruin you, forgive everyone for not knowing that they didn’t meet your standards…and then Forgive yourself for feeling hurt, for judging others, and for imposing your expectations into other peoples lives.

Acknowledge what happens, embrace your feelings, and then accept everyone for exactly who they are.  You don’t have to like everything that people do…but you should acknowledge that they have their right to be that way,  you may not want to have certain people in your inner circle…but you should accept them as who they are, and your life may need to take a different turn as you continue your journey … and being flexible enough to take charge of your own feelings and reactions will make it allot more easy and enjoyable.

Betrayal is just a feeling that you can choose not to experience…YOUR CHOICE…YOUR HAPPINESS