Forgive and Grow

Learn to forgive for the things that you just didn’t know…  The opportunities may have been there for you, but if you couldn’t see the choices, then they really weren’t there for you to choose.  Stop beating yourself up about what you could’ve or should’ve done…Because you chose the best you could with the choices that you understood.  Forgive yourself for not being aware of other choices…You just weren’t ready to see them…and that’s perfectly fine.  It’s all part of learning about who you are and growing into who you want to be.  We are all doing the best we can at every given moment…And the universe is giving us the best options for the place where we are, at that given time.

And guess what…You are allowed to change your mind, tweak an opinion, or just abandon an idea.  That is called learning and growing…You aren’t living unless you are learning and moving forward with creating a better you.  Don’t allow people to make you feel guilty for your person growth…you have the right to disagree today, and agree tomorrow.  It’s good to try to understand someone else’s point of view.  It’s compassionate to try to accept someone else’s differences.  And you need to forgive yourself for the things that you didn’t understand yesterday.

So please stop regretting the things you call mistakes…and embrace the new opportunities that have arrived because of those choices.  Your opinion of you is the only one that really matters… and you are your worst critic.  Please stop judging yourself so harshly and let go of the guilt and anxiety.  You are really doing the best that you can and that makes you perfect, just the way you are.

Chaos brings change

I realize that we live in a world of duality…and it is a perfect design.  We can’t feel happiness without knowing the sadness, We can’t understand logic unless we experienced the illogical, we don’t appreciate the peace without knowing the struggle, and there is no light without the dark.  Change is born from the depths of chaos…and so it is important to understand, and accept, and even appreciate the purpose of having these dualities in the world.

That is our personal challenge…to embrace these opposites so that we can find our own personal peace at the center of our souls.  It is possible to live your life in peace and happiness while the world swirls with chaos around you.  Embrace the knowledge of knowing that these dualities are working to bring about change for a better tomorrow.  There is no sense worrying about a future that you  don’t even know if it will happen or not.  Stop the needless worry and start adding your positive influences into the world.  Stop blaming and criticizing, and start speaking from a place of understanding and support.  We all can make a positive difference with our positive thoughts, words, and actions.

How do you know right, if you have never know wrong…How do you feel happiness, if you’ve never felt sad… and how do you appreciate peace if you have never known chaos… I have personally grown from the struggles that I have been through.  I have changed myself and my life to reflect the inner peace I have discovered through the tough times that I’ve had.  I am now grateful for every bad mood, mis-step, and sad event that I have experienced because they all have brought wonderful changes into my world.  I could not feel this love, acceptance, and appreciation without going through those struggles.  And the beautiful part is, that everyone has the greatest opportunities to go through these struggles so that they too may experience the inner peace of acceptance, tolerance, and forgiveness…all facets of love.  It’s possible to fight for your cause through the power of the positive forces of love.

So embrace the duality of our world, for it is here to help us grow and find our own inner peace…If you can understand that, then you can step onto the path of acceptance and begin your journey of happiness.  Good luck my friends…It really is a beautiful journey.

Your best is enough

Don’t be ashamed of anything that you do.  That only gives people power over you.  Take your power back, adjust your life, and move onto your next adventure.  They are not mistakes…They are a learning process.  Just live your life honestly as yourself.  It takes courage to be honest with yourself and act on what is best for you.

The truth is that EVERYONE is doing the complete best that they have to give at EVERY given moment in their lives.  You can’t give more or do better when you have not experienced what it takes to be there.  Don’t judge anyone because we are all at different stages in our development.  To live with peace in your heart, you must strive to give your best, accept everyone else’s attempts, and move on with your own adventures.

Life is meant to be lived…an adventure that brings you knowledge and happiness.  Life is not meant to be difficult and stressful.  Take each moment as it comes…live in that moment…and then move onto the next.  Don’t dwell in the past or obsess over the future…You can’t change the past and you can’t predict the future, so live in the present moment.  That is all we really have…each present moment.  There is a difference between remembering and dwelling.  There is a difference in preparing and obsessing.  Just take the time to enjoy who you are and what you have right now.

Change can be difficult to understand and accept…But you must do what is right for you.  Even if things don’t happen as you wanted, you still get results and learn from them.  So don’t ever be ashamed of what you do or who you are…Just do your best… and know that it is enough.